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class walkWELCOME to Royal Academy Education!

Royal Academy Education is not your typical private school. It is a school where you as a parent/tutor/student take charge of the education process. Students are provided the opportunity to grow and develop through many avenues in order to be equipped to enter “the world” with a love of learning.

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What is the experience you want your child to grow with?

Locked doors – Desks – No choice in peers – Subjects that don’t apply – Long days in school – long nights of homework -No parental or family involvement in the curriculum choices – No opportunities outside of the school building – Only socializing with same age peers – Bullies and bad behavior -over-crowding…


Flexible hours, parental and family involvement, peer choice, ability to invest more time on hobbies/ interests, employment, sports, individual curriculum, time management, ability to choose friends, shorter school days, a positive learning environment, mentoring and encouragement to achieve the highest potential

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All Superintendent of Schools questions about accredited school: See State of Maine Dept. of Education website for Private Schools Recognized as Providing Equivalent Instruction, also see us on the Advanc-ed website.

Royal Academy News:

  • Click here for the full Course Lineup for 2017 – 2018 and also see below for new changes and additions.
  • 2017- 2018 RAE-Services-Fees    
  • Astronomy for grades 2-5 (Apologia) hands on, lap books, games and activities once a quarter. ($200).  If want a full-time class discussion – call for information.
  • Fine Art Classes
  • Private guitar lessons (K-12) (on site or on-line)Private or group drawing classes (K-12) (on site or on-line)
  • Storybook Theater (Gr. 1-5) August (on site class)
  • NEW Fall offering: Italian Language/French Conversation/ and American Sign Language
  • All Courses Available to Adults as well
  • Ask for Tutoring, AP Courses or Additional Courses
  • Enroll your student in Royal Academy Education, Inc. by clicking on the Enroll Now button above.
  • Call us if you need Credit Recovery for your high school!!!
  • A full academic year of course instruction from Royal Academy Professional is an investment of less than $35 / week including testing and correction of work performance.
  • Enrollments may be made at any time. If traditional public school or your present schooling is not working…. call and let us help you. We offer education counseling, testing, homeschool support, live & on-line, as well as tutoring. We will consult and coordinate with your current school as needed.
  • All coursework is customized to your child’s needs. We have the ability to adapt to your child’s special needs.
  • Homeschoolers!!! Would you like us to apply our correction process to your essays? We can do this for $35/hour, giving you direction on your essays as well as demonstrating & documenting an appropriate process. We also provide Credit Recognition Transcripts.
  • New photography class opportunity. See “Who Are We” to be introduced to Melissa Nowak.

The first meeting of RAE’s Advisory Council met at Inn Victoria in Chester, VT. We held a day-long meeting hearing from these professionals how best to make RAE a better school and business, and how best to move forward, making short and long term goals. Thank you to all of them for giving us a weekend of their time and insights. We feel refreshed and excited about our future.

Gray, Maine Office Hours:

Monday through Friday: 9:00am – 2:00pm(winter hours) or call for appointment.

Call Us: (207) 657-2800 or (207) 657-2880



Royal Academy Education is announcing another great leap forward; the formulation of a Scholarship Fund! In honor of the founders, the scholarship fund has been set up in the name of The Donald B. and Shirley M.R. Minster Founders Scholarship.

“This is a 501(c)(3) corporation organized exclusively for the charitable and educational purposes of Royal Academy Education Graduates and their future endeavors”; says Penny Cote, Executive Director. “The financial growth of the scholarship fund, selection standards, and distribution will be administered through the Royal Academy Education Advisory Council”. See our blog for more.