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Homeschool Education Consulting

We know that parental involvement in the education of their children is essential. We can partner with you to provides guidance, encouragement, and provide resources to help the whole family achieve homeschooling success. We can help develop an individualized learning plan and curriculum in the form of natural schooling, unit studies, and or traditional and classical studies as appropriate for your student and their goals.

Getting Started

To set you on the path to success, we assist you with the homeschool application process for your state and explain your responsibilities, as well as help you develop an appropriate support system.

Homeschool Program Design – $300

For parents and students who want help in customizing a program, selecting curriculum and setting up a plan for the year, we can tailor a curriculum and organize a program that will fit your situation. To get started we invite you to fill out our educational questionnaire, which helps us identify the student’s strengths, previous curriculum choices, and most important the student’s and parent(s)’ goals. A 90-minute meeting with the parent and student either in our offices or, if distance is a factor, by telephone, or Skype to prior to designing a program.

Consultation Meetings – Causes for meetings could include, but are not restricted to:

  1. Review of your child’s test results – either from our testing or results from a previous school experience
  2. To help you determine if homeschooling is the best choice
  3. Practical help and suggestions about teaching methods and finding resources
  4. A question and answer session if you are trying to decide whether to homeschool or enroll in Royal Academy Education
  5. Help with problems in your current homeschooling
  6. Relationship difficulties in the family
  7. College and career guidance.

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Credit Recognition Transcripts

Credit Recognition Transcript Service for Homeschooled Students

Credit Recognition Transcripts are especially helpful when a homeschool student is transferring into a secondary school or applying to colleges. Though homeschool parents award diplomas to their students, colleges still require high school transcripts that clearly and accurately reflect a student’s academic accomplishments in high school.

How it Works

To determine credit, all coursework completed through homeschooling is compared to Royal Academy Education standards, and a Royal Academy Education Credit Recognition Transcript verifies to the receiving institution that coursework has been completed and credits have been earned.

Credit Recognition Transcript Fees

$175/first year
$75 each yearly update
$75 addendum, minimum fee
$100 expedited transcript (Under 1 week)

More Information and Resources

Credit Recognition Transcript FAQs

high school transcript is a written record of academic accomplishments in high school (grades 9 – 12). It includes the student’s complete name, address, telephone number, and parent(s) name(s).  It lists every class taken by the student, when it was taken, the grade earned, and credit received. The total credits earned in each subject area are listed along with the student’s grade point average (GPA) and the specific graduation date. Sometimes high school transcripts also include additional information such as standardized test scores and any honors received too.

Because colleges and other institutions of higher learning require a transcript, it is necessary. Colleges prefer a high school transcript that clearly outlines and explains all courses, grades and their explanation, and credits the student has completed. Every high school graduate should have this written record so, should it ever be needed, it is already compiled and ready for use. It is easier to keep records through the high school years rather than to have to recollect courses, grades, and credits after high school has ended.

If a student is homeschooled, the parent provides the diploma.  If the student wants to receive a diploma from a public or private school, the parent will need to contact the high school to find out what steps are needed to enroll and receive their diploma. The high school will want to have a transcript presented at that time.

For more than ten years, high schools, colleges, and universities have been accepting the Royal Academy Education Credit Recognition Transcript. This service is provided for homeschooled students at the high school level. They have found it to be especially helpful when transferring into a secondary school or for college entrance.  The Royal Academy Education Credit Recognition Transcript verifies to the receiving institution that appropriate coursework has been completed and credits have been earned. Coursework completed through the homeschool is compared to Royal Academy Education standards in order to determine credit.

All important data, courses, grades, and credits, are provided as well as PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, and ACT test scores. Equally important, we add a list of student interests, achievements, and other information, which in effect introduces the student to the school or employer. This personal touch is appreciated because it speaks on behalf of the student. For those students who are accomplished in specific fields such as sports or music, an addendum can also be compiled which lists awards, professional presentations, organization memberships, and travel to further substantiate readiness for college.

When a complete packet as outlined in the Royal Academy Education C.R.T. Information sheet is submitted, with the correct fee.  Please note that in cases where information is lacking or unclear, a consultation fee will apply.  It is highly recommended to have a consultation before finalizing the transcript.  Enrollment in a private school is not necessary to have a professionally designed transcript. Your student has worked hard to achieve goals in an excellent educational program and deserves a transcript that accurately represents those accomplishments.

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