What Differentiates Royal Academy

Why choose Royal Academy?

An individualized learning plan for each student

We approach the development of an Individualized Learning Plan for each student as a collaborative team process. We involve all the key support individuals— from the student and parents, to the teachers, academic coaches, and counselors—together as a team, we create a unique plan for each and every child. The plan is designed to organize, and sequence your child’s curriculum and courses, while considering his or her own unique academic strengths and challenges, passions and dreams.

Some children are ready to move ahead in one subject, but need extra help in others.  Our Individualized Learning Plan establishes a strategy to help make the right choices and help each student reach their highest potential.

A Winning Educational Alternative

The traditional school experience doesn’t work for everyone.

Classes might move too fast or too slow. Course offerings or levels might be too limiting. Rigid scheduling can restrict the pursuit of athletics or other intense passion. Social pressures can be distracting, or debilitating if bullying is involved. For various reasons, many parents realize that the traditional school model just doesn’t fit their child.

We provide students with important choices

With an expansive curriculum of 125+ courses, we provide students important choices. We offer math, English, science, language, social studies, history, and a variety of rich elective courses in multiple levels—General, College Prep, Honors, and college-level Advanced Placement (AP) courses to meet the needs of diverse learners.

We specialize in providing independent learning programs for each of our students.  We invite you to learn more about the costs for each option and how they can be supplemented with additional services, by reviewing our enrollment options, or for more information, call us at 207-657-2800.

Why do families and students enroll at Royal Academy?

With students around the world, there are many reasons. Parents choose our school because their children are:

  • Gifted learners who seek greater academic challenges
  • Struggling academically and need more time to master concepts
  • Being bullied at school, or feel they don’t fit in
  • Easily distracted in a classroom, or have a learning issue or disability
  • Homebound, perhaps for medical reasons
  • Elite athletes training for competition or careers with rigorous travel schedules
  • Young performers, musicians, or artists, pursuing their dreams
  • Members of families who just want a more independent education

Unlocking the love of learning

Unlike other online curriculum providers, we never just scan a textbook and call it an online course. We thoroughly establish learning objectives and develop instructional online experiences carefully integrated with plenty of hands-on materials.

Our focus is to meet the learning needs of each particular child. We design curriculums that includes project learning, unit studies, independent research, field trips, and community learning and activities. We set up goals and timelines which allows students to move at their own pace through the year. The program remains dynamic and flexible. Progress is discussed and reviewed quarterly.

Parents choose our educational experience because it encourages and stimulates their children to strive for the best in all areas of academic life. Students enjoy Royal Academy because it gives them the opportunity to explore personal interest areas in-depth, the ability to travel, they enjoy one-on-one learning while developing self-discipline and time management skills throughout the academic year.

What parents and students are saying...

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Independent Learning Programs • Individualized Curriculums
A unique distance learning environment where students and teachers interact in real-time. 

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