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Why Royal Academy Education is Different

Royal Academy Education is a Maine Private School with no desks, bells, specific curriculum, hallways, locker rooms, etc.  We are mentors and teachers who meet with students and parents/tutors to set up an individual curriculum for each student based on his/her particular learning style and interest that can be monitored off site. We provide assistance throughout the school year and meet personally or through a media forum to go over work accomplished quarterly as well as needs or questions that may need to be addressed. In addition to on-site tutoring, virtual labs, tutoring and classroom experience are offered over the Internet with personal presence cloud service where the student(s) and teacher are all together in present time asking questions and interacting.

This type of customized learning is highly desirable because parents can choose an educational experience that encourages and stimulates their children to strive for the best in all areas of academic life. Students enjoy this solid program because off-site schooling gives them the opportunity to explore personal interest areas in-depth, the ability to travel, and one-on-one learning, but most of all it teaches them self-discipline and time management.

Our goal at Royal Academy Education is to meet the learning needs of each particular child. We design curriculum that includes project learning, unit studies, independent research, field trips and community learning and activities. We set up organizational goals and an estimated timeline which allows the student to move at his/her own pace through the year. The program remains dynamic and flexible as progress is discussed and reviewed quarterly and access to virtual distance learning tutoring as well as personal meeting the student/tutor and supervisory teacher can work to accomplish a successful school career.


“Just want to encourage you to explore Royal Academy. We have tried other curriculum and looked into many different schools and I found I was trying to fit my child into a curriculum rather than choosing the curriculum to meet the needs of each of my children. We are having great success in learning with the assistance of the teachers at Royal, as well as the hope to attain a diploma one day.”

~ L.R.