What we at Royal Academy Education Believe About Learning

  • All children should be able to learn in a safe environment with materials that encourage learning that is non-threatening.
  •  They should be given a wide variety of subjects and subject matter even if it may cause questions as the best time for children to question is in the safety of their homes with parents and relatives/friends who can guide discussions.
  • They should be pushed to their potential, but not beyond it.
  •  They should strive to make their world a better place to live therefore work hard at their present “job” – learning.
  • Tutors/mentors or parents should provide opportunities to learn outside of books and computers.
  • Physical exercise is essential for learning.
  • Creativity needs to be explored.
  • The world outside of home needs to be opened up in the safety of the home.
  • Children learn at different ages/stages and they learn in different ways.  This needs to be explored by their tutor/parent/mentor and curriculum refined to fit the child.
  • Not all children are alike!!!
  • Learning is lifelong and it should be exciting and something to be desired.
  • We love watching children learn, grow, achieve and follow their dreams.
  • We love helping families to learn together.
  • We are blessed to be Royal Academy Education, Inc.

Whether it be portfolio reviews, curriculum development, consultation, testing, or enrolling as a full-time student in our Maine Private/Independent school…we are here to help.  We can tutor and we can teach personally present online and in person.  We are here to help your family learn and grow together.  See us at royalacademyeducation.com.

Royal Academy Education