Royal Academy Education Offers Six AP Courses Personally Present Online

AP courses ready the ambitious high school student for college level courses and provide a way to obtain college credit while in high school.  These courses are intense and offer the student 1.5 credits.  The course we are offering for 2013/14 are:  Comparative Government, US Government, US History, World History, Literature and Composition and Human Geography.  We teach them personally present on Watchitoo, a meeting site that allows for secure meetings.  We work personally present, lecturing, teaching and assigning work.  We correct the work and provide the grades.  Each teacher has at least a Master’s Degree and we work hard to help the student achieve a passing score on the AP test. The tests are offered at our Gray, Maine office at 15 Shaker Rd.  The cost is $1000/year plus books and materials.  If the student wants credit in school there is an addition $300 for the recognition and transcript.  Royal Academy Students who are enrolled full time would not have to pay this extra amount.  This is one on 1-10 teaching and mentoring for the whole school year.  This is not a “self taught” course, but one that is highly interactive and monitored.  Call us at 207-657-2800 or 802-875-2890.

Royal Academy Education