Homeschool Summer Internship Opportunity at MIT

The MIT Chemistry Department is Sponsoring a Homeschool High School Student Summer Internship.  Spend your summer learning and doing state-of-the-art science in an MIT Chemistry Department Research Lab! Prof. Matt Shoulders’ MIT Research Group ( will be hosting one high school student from the homeschooled community for 8 weeks this summer (flexible dates, ~25 hours/week).  mit_logo

The Shoulders Lab is broadly interested in understanding protein folding in human cells, with a focus on the development of chemical methods to restore protein homeostasis in currently incurable diseases. If you are interested in a career in science, this opportunity is a great way to gain experience and learn what it is all about. An MIT PhD student to participate in frontier research in chemical biology, gain experience in both basic and advanced lab skills, become acquainted with the scientific literature, and present at scientific meetings will directly mentor you.

Requirements: Appropriate candidates for this internship will be aged 16-18, committed and mature, have a very strong interest in chemistry, biology, and/or bioengineering, and a solid science background at the high school level. The internship will involve a time commitment of ~25 hours/week over the 8-week period. This educational program is not a paid position, and there are no fees associated with participating.

How to Apply for the Internship: Send your resume and a short description of interests to Betty Lou McClanahan ( by April 1.

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