Homeschool Workshops and Seminars – Individualized Services

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Individualized Services

Royal Academy Education provides the appropriate level of assistance necessary to accomplish each student’s educational goals. We strive to keep the tuition rate affordable. Due to the unique nature of Royal Academy Education and your student’s program, a fee will be assessed for the following services:

  • The need for more frequent monitoring of program.
  • Special tutorial help from your supervisory teacher or another tutor on staff.
  • Special support for the parent in the direct oversight of the program such as grading or filling out major forms or letters.
  • The need to provide individual standardized achievement tests, diagnostic tests and evaluations.
  • College admission assistance (beyond normal counseling) such as help in writing letters to colleges, or finding grants and scholarships, etc…

Individualized Courses (all grades)

Royal Academy Education designs and oversees courses for students enrolled elsewhere. Please call to discuss your students’ needs so we can provide more details.

Homeschool Workshops and Seminars 

Throughout the year we will provide parent training and specialized homeschool workshops and seminars for students. These can be arranged for your homeschool group to be held in your location for your convenience or at one of our locations in Gray, Maine or Chester, VT. Our programs can be tailored to your particular requirements. Our experienced consultants are recognized conference and seminar speakers.

Most popular topics for homeschool workshops and seminars include:

  • Making a Successful Start in Homeschooling
  • Understanding the Legal Aspects
  • Organization, Planning and Scheduling
  • Unit Studies and Project Learning
  • Understanding Achievement Testing
  • Finding Your Child’s Learning Style and Your Teaching Style
  • Creative Curriculum Ideas and Materials
  • Home Education and the High School Student
  • Socialization Issue
  • Strategies for Support Group Success
  • The Daily Challenges: Finding a Balance
  • Developing a High School Transcript
  • Me? Teach Reading?
  • Missions and the Homeschooling Family
  • Developmental Stages of the Child
  • College and Career Preparation
  • Working with Gifted, Highly Gifted, and Profoundly Gifted Students
  • Homeschooling Special Needs Children

Tutoring and Classes 


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