Credit Recognition

Credit Recognition

Credit Recognition Transcript

Enrollment in a private school is not necessary to have a professionally designed transcript.

Your student has worked hard to achieve goals and deserves a transcript that accurately represents those accomplishments. Colleges prefer a high school transcript that clearly outlines and explains all courses, grades and their explanation, and credits the student has completed.

Royal Academy Education can verify that appropriate coursework has been completed and credits have been earned to receiving educational institutions. Coursework completed through homeschooling is compared to Royal Academy Education achievement standards in order to determine credit.

A complete and descriptive transcript is helpful to colleges as they consider your student’s application to their institution.

The following information must be included so that the transcript accurately describes each high school year.

  1. Student’s full name, birthdate, parents’ names, complete address, and phone number.
  2. List each academic year’s courses and activities. Make clear which activities and courses apply to which academic year.
  3. Title of each course.
  4. Information about courses:
    • Describe each course.
    • Primary textbook and publisher.
    • Course grade and assigned credits.
    • Describe how the course was completed.
  5. Submit samples of work from each course. e.g. tests, papers, daily work.
  6. Explain your grading system.
  7. List mission trips, work-study, other activities during school year.
  8. Include copies of college grades, adult education grades, other graded courses with names and addresses of institutions for each course.
  9. Include a copy of certificate from Driver Education.
  10. Complete the Royal Academy Education Transcript Worksheet.
  11. If your state provides a letter of approval to homeschool, include a copy of the letter for each high school year it applies, and a copy of annual assessment if required by the state.
  12. Include a specific date of graduation.

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The cost for the Credit Recognition Transcript (CRT) is $400, regardless of the year initiated. The fee is $175 for the first year and $75 for each year thereafter. All fees are due when work is submitted. If further information, addendums or expedited preparation is required, an additional fee will be assessed.

Two transcripts will be mailed to the parent. Additional transcripts, including those to be mailed directly from Royal Academy to institutions cost $9.00 each. The complete mailing address of the institution(s) must be submitted in writing.

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