Annual Portfolio Assessment

Annual Portfolio Assessment

Annual Portfolio Assessment Instructions

You are considering an annual portfolio assessment to review your child’s academic progress. This option allows us to view your student’s work completed over a specified period of time, most likely a full school year. Because this may be a new type of assessment for you and your child, the following suggestions are given to help you prepare a well-organized portfolio. The more complete and organized your portfolio is for each student, the easier it is for us to discuss the contents with you and your child. We have found that parents and students are amazed at both the amount of material gathered and the noticeable improvement in the work from start to finish of the year.

Summarize the Year

  • Provide a written summary of the year for each homeschooled child.
  • If you combined studies or used unit studies with more than one child, a combined summary can be written.
  • Be sure to include all of the information below.

Portfolio Report Contents Should Include:

  1. Name of child, address, age, grade and school year.
  2. Attendance for your school year.
    • Date school began
    • Date school ended
    • Number of days of school
  3. Description of each course, including primary textbooks or resources. These courses would include your state’s required courses as well as your student’s more creative courses and ‘electives’.
  4. Field trips (site names and place)
  5. List special projects your child did. Your child might want to show us a special project via photos, etc.
  6. What areas of growth did you see for your child?
  7. Submit required samples of your student’s work from the beginning, middle, and end of the year. Do not submit every assignment, but provide a representative sample.
  8. Remember to bring your teacher plan book with you. It is important for us to review your record keeping techniques so that suggestions can be given for the next year.
  9. Relax and enjoy this time of reflection and joy. You all have worked hard this year. We look forward to discussing the year’s progress and pursuits with you and your child.
  10. Cost for 2021 is $45 with discounts for large families.  Please call.

Disclaimer: The purpose of the portfolio assessment offered by Royal Academy Education Services is to comply with the requirements for end of year assessments as outlined (per Maine State Requirements): Title 20-A M.R.S.A. §5001-A sub. section 3, A (4). The letter supplied to you is to verify that progress has been made. It should not be assumed that this letter is verification for either the quality or the completeness of the educational plan as it applies to your student.

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