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        Option # 1     K-12     The student is carrying a full course load up to five (5)

                                courses, taught full time by a Royal Academy Education teacher,

                                virtually or in person.  $6000 plus $100 registration     Additional courses at $1200 each.


        Option # 2    Tuition for students taught by parent or tutor

Kindergarten – 12th grade  $1200 / year plus $100 registration

Note: Books, materials, testing and additional consultations (other than regular meeting times) are not included in the tuition.

Seniors preparing for graduation in June are charged a $100 fee.


        Option # 3    Individual High School Course or Credit Recovery Course

This custom-designed individual course includes four (4) meetings with a supervisory teacher, a certificate of completion, and award of high school credit.  Independent study, teaching by tutor, and books are not included in the Royal Academy Education pricing.

Fee: $300/course + $100 for enrollment

        Option # 4     Credit Recognition Transcript

$175/first year
$75 each yearly update
$75 addendum, minimum fee
$100 expedited transcript (Under 1 week)

All fees are due when work is submitted. If further information, or an addendum required, an additional fee may be assessed.


Additional Services

  • Program Design K-12   $300
  • Transcript Request    $9/transcript

The transcript request form must be completed and submitted along with the fee.     If transcripts are to be mailed internationally, appropriate postage must be included.

  • Tutoring and Teaching     $45/hour 

Tutoring sessions are one teacher to one student (Not online school). Individual academic subjects, study skills, test- taking skills, and organizational techniques are some of the options for this category.

Requirements for Royal Academy Education parents and students:
  • Parents/Guardians of student’s must complete and submit a quarterly report to Royal Academy Education in November, January, April, and June. These reports should also contain copies of the students work such as research papers, photos of special projects, and book reports.   The supervisory teacher will review student progress  and provide encouragement / direction.
  • Parents/guardians must keep records of each student’s attendance & subject matter studied through the use of a plan book. These plan books are available in our store. Every day of school is recorded as well as what was accomplished in each academic subject. Parents receive guidance as needed.  Some areas will require hours to be kept.
  • The parent’s/guardian’s role is integral to the student’s success.  Royal Academy Education staff is best able to support your child when reports are submitted timely and filled out completely.

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