Traditional Services & Enrollment

Traditional Services

Traditional Services and Enrollment

PROGRAM DETAILS (All grades K – 12): When Royal Academy Education designs an individualized curriculum we take into account the individual student and family dynamic focusing on the strengths, learning styles and special qualities of each student.

  • Parents choose Royal Academy Education because they feel involved in the education process but have backup and encouragement of our professional staff to help encourage and stimulate their children to strive for the best in all areas of academic life. Students enjoy the self-motivation, ability to structure their day and appreciate being able to take part in other interests and activities without doing homework all night.
  • Royal Academy Education’s goal is to help the child to learn and grow.
  • A detailed questionnaire needs to be filled out by the parents and, at the high school level, by the student also. Former transcripts and educational records are examined and information is analyzed to help us determine the student’s learning style, strengths and areas of weakness. Once this has been determined by one of our supervisory teachers a formal interview follows during which a program is designed to fit the student and family needs. We will recommend textbooks and other learning materials but will take into account any of interest to the student and parent. Please note that our personally designed curriculum includes project learning, unit study, field trips and supports community activities. An estimated timeline is organized with goals that allow the student to learn and study at his/her own pace through the year. This dynamic and flexible program is discussed and reviewed quarterly.  Families are helped in their planning not just for the immediate school year, but also for the future.
  • High school students are kept informed about college requirements, current college admission procedures, workforce issues and military enlistment. We encourage the building of a CV or resume throughout the years.  Student goals and aspirations are extremely important, and we encourage the students to delve into interest areas, work-study opportunities, apprenticeships, volunteer services and mentorships. A well-rounded individual is better equipped to make informed decisions involving career and post-high school academics

Credit Is Granted for Previous Work Completed.

  • Credit is granted for previously completed work in specific academic areas. The criteria to earn credits are flexible and recognize that the student may already have much knowledge in a particular subject and may want to further the study in that area.
Enrollment and quarterly consultations are conducted at Royal Academy Education. For those families who live a distance from the school, telephone consultations are convenient. Because of the great variance in telephone service fees, parents are requested to use their own private carrier. These costs are not included in tuition.

Royal Academy Education is a Maine Department of Education recognized school. And we are accredited by Cognia.

We are located in Gray, Maine (just north of Portland) and Chester, VT and are recognized by the State of Maine Department of Education. Our graduates are successfully entering the work force, attending colleges and universities throughout the United States and abroad or enlisting in the military.

Overview of the K-8 Program

The Royal Academy Education Parent as Teacher Enrollment K-8. $1750

Tuition and Fees


  • Review of previous educational records
  • Review of homeschool study program
  • Enrollment and custom program development
  • Assignment to an experienced Supervisory Teacher
  • Notification of enrollment to local school district (Maine students)
  • Quarterly reviews of student’s work
  • Quarterly reviews of parent report
  • Quarterly meetings with parent and student
  • Additional support (up to 1.5 hours per year)
  • Guidance counseling for educational goals

Certificate of completion for students in grades K – 8

We offer a fully enrolled k-8 program taught personally present via Zoom by our RAE teachers.  The cost of this (5 courses a year) is $7500.


Option 1 • Grades 9- 12 – Full-Enrollment Tuition with Parent as Teacher:  $1750

The Royal Academy Education full enrollment program includes:

  • Review of previous educational records
  • Review of homeschool study program (if this applies)
  • Assignment to an experienced Supervisory Teacher
  • Enrollment and custom program design
  • Notification of enrollment to your local school district (Maine)
  • Quarterly reviews of student’s work
  • Quarterly reviews of parent report
  • Quarterly meetings with parent and student
  • Additional support up to 1.5 hours per year
  • Guidance counseling for education and career goals
  • Certificate of completion for students in grades 9-11
  • Diploma and Transcript for students completing grade 12
  • Full graduation ceremony in June for seniors

Option 2 • Individual Courses for High School Credit with Parent as Teacher ($500)

The Royal Academy Education option includes:

  • Custom-designed course
  • Regularly scheduled meetings with parent and student to review progress
  • Certificate of completion and appropriate credit will be awarded when the course is successfully completed

Option 3 * We offer five personally present taught courses delivered by our teachers via Zoom:

Requirements for Royal Academy Education High School Graduation. Fully enrolled Royal Academy Education high school students taught by RAE teachers must complete the following minimum requirements to graduate:  $7500/year, 4 years.

  • English (4 credits)
  • Mathematics (3 credits)Beginning 2016
  • Science (2.5 credits) (.5 includes one with a lab)
  • Social Studies (1 credit)
  • U. S. History (1 credit)
  • Am. Government (1/2 credit)
  • Fine Arts (1 credit)
  • Physical Education (1 credit)
  • Health (1/2 credit)
  • State Study (1/2 credit)
  • Electives (3 credits)
  • Computer Literacy – student demonstrates proficiency

Note: We work with our students to develop the additional courses needed for college entrance requirements and career preparation.


Young men and women who for some reason did not finish high school have the option to enroll in our high school program and get a diploma.  Call for information.


“We are so VERY, VERY grateful for you and the Royal Academy because you made it possible for Jesse to actually enjoy school by adapting it to his needs and learning style – not to mention graduate!    I really don’t think that we would have been able to drag him through public school!”

~ Cathy and Dave M.

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