Shirley M.R. Minster M.S. Ed. Moving to Create New Location N. Florida

We are so excited to announce that Shirley Minster, founder of Royal Academy and loved by all, will be moving to Live Oak, Florida to start a new division of Royal Academy. She will be working with students in the southern part of the U.S. who wish to homeschool in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and of course all over the world. These students will now have access to Shirley for achievement testing, credit recognition transcripts, portfolio reviews, consultation to set up homeschool programs, and will be able to enroll in Royal Academy Education if they choose.

For our students who already work with Shirley, have no fear. As we are a virtual school and service, she can be live with you with a few strokes of a keyboard. If you do not have a computer and internet, our offices in Gray and in Vermont can provide computer access. Shirley will be there to help, consult and teach, as always.

The internet keeps our Royal Academy family close even when the miles are many. Live virtual schooling is exciting, and now virtual consultation and program designs are available. You are live with our teachers in present time. Presently we are working on the accreditation process with AdvanceEd to provide exposure and credibility all over the U.S. and Canada. This is an exciting process that technology allows us to have. We wish to be there helping students in an individual way have success no matter the circumstances.

Royal Academy Education