Portfolio Review for Assessment

Many states require an annual assessment to be done by a certified teacher of that state.  Maine does require this and the best way to have this accomplished is to make a portfolio of your child’s work.  By doing this you will see for yourself the growth that has taken place over the year.  You will list all of the work done in each subject as well as what books and materials were used. You may review this website for what we require at Royal Academy Education.

This list should include fine arts, physical education, health and library skills.  These areas are as important as academic skills.  Honing your child’s artistic abilities is essential for his or her growth.  This can be applied fine arts such as dance or fine arts such as listening to fine classical music or drawing.  Art brings out creativity.   Art For kids  and a UK site called Teaching Ideas are good places to start. Plays, musicals, concerts and museums should be frequented.  Many cities have lovely downtowns where the architecture can be discussed and photographed during a field trip.  There will be sculpture and paintings all around you as you walk.  Look for it, take photos and discuss what you are seeing.

Physical education is very important.  Being fit and healthy will take a child far in life. A nice resource is at the President’s Physical fitness web page.  Fitness leads right into health.  Teach your child how to eat right and try new foods that promote health.  Learning about appropriate portion control in a world of restaurants that don’t control portions is very important.

The library is not outdated just because you have a computer and “Google”.  Knowing how to access non-electronic information is very important.  There are very important resources in a library.  Take your child to meet the head librarian and get to know all the parts of a library and what is offered there.

Once you have listed all that has been accomplished for the year, then put samples of your child’s work in a binder.  Make sure that the assessing teacher sees samples of what your child has accomplished throughout the year.  Allow for conversation when you get together with the teacher and really point out strengths as well as weaknesses so that you can best understand where to start next year.

A portfolio review preparation is the best way for you as the parent/teacher to know the success of your child to let him or her know, and to ready yourself for another year of homeschooling.

Most of all – Enjoy the process as you are blessed to have this opportunity.


Royal Academy Education