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The Mission of Royal Academy Education

All students deserve the right to explore, based upon their own dreams, ideas, passion areas, and ambitions.

  • Royal Academy Education provides an educational alternative that focuses on the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of its students by creating independent learning programs, which consider personal strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, and goals.
  • The Royal Academy Education staff recognizes that parents, family members, and mentors are essential to each student’s program. To that end, a system of support is initiated and maintained through regular involvement of all participants with the supervisory teacher, director, and staff.

Royal Academy Education works with families in the United States and abroad to provide educational experiences that encourage children to strive for the best. We do this by customizing a learning plan that incorporates traditional and classical curriculum studies with unit studies, field trips, community activities, and independent research projects.  We also work with our students to develop the additional courses needed for college entrance requirements and career preparation.


“The unique experience of learning under the direction of a private tutor was a critical aspect in my academic formation. The tutorial format of the courses not only gave me the benefits of an integrative and personalized program but it also allowed me to form a meaningful and enduring relationship with Mrs. Cote. She was and continues to be an essential advisor in my academic endeavors. Throughout my middle and high-school years she was instrumental in helping me formulate and achieve my goals.”

~ Haley Drolet, Class of 2013