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North Carolina Testing Services & Consulting

Our testing services and consulting services meet all requirements of the North Carolina Testing Program, including:

  • North Carolina End of Grade Tests
  • North Carolina End of Course Tests
  • North Carolina Alternate Assessments
  • Beginning of Grade 3 English Language Arts/Reading Test
  • Read to Achieve Grade 3 English Language Arts/Reading Test
  • North Carolina Final Exams

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Homeschool Achievement Testing Services From Royal Academy Education

Homeschool Achievement testing is used as a way to measure the development of skills & knowledge level. Such tests are standardized to determine the grade level of learning achieved through planned instruction.

Often seen as a threat, achievement testing is just one assessment tool that helps determine direction in a student’s education. Testing is administered one-on-one with a specially trained member of our staff working with your student. Achievement tests, diagnostic academic area testing, special needs testing, and individualized assessments are available. Career preparation evaluations are available for students and adults.

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Personalized Results

Nationally normed individual standardized achievement tests are administered with written results prepared by the same professional test administrator.  Parents are encouraged to take the time to review the results with the administrator, ensuring a personal and customized approach to the discussion . Areas covered include observations made during the testing appointment, possible curriculum choices, and other topics of concern to the parents.

Academic Achievement Testing by a Certified / Competent Administrator

Royal Academy offers four options:

  • Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement – lII
  • Peabody Individual Achievement Test, Revised
  • Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Educational Achievement – IV
  • Diagnostic Achievement Battery-2.

Results can be mailed to your home within the week of testing, or you may meet with the administrator professional to discuss test results and educational recommendations.  Each of our test administrators are Certified, Masters Level Educated Professionals, quite competent in administering and qualifying results.

Achievement Testing On Site at Your Location

We are often asked to schedule on-site testing at Homeschool Conferences throughout the country.  In special circumstances, we will conduct these tests in your home. Large homeschool groups contract us to travel to their state and conduct  individual standardized testing, consultations, and workshops.

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Let Our Staff Help Navigate the North Carolina Testing Program

Three of our administrators provide consulting to help you understand and meet the requirements of the North Carolina Testing Program.

Shirley Minster PortraitShirley Minster

Shirley Minster, M.S. Ed. has been providing academic achievement testing services for homeschooled students for over twenty years. She administers achievement tests in two locations and is available to work with parents and students who have questions about curriculum, special needs, high school issues, and college preparation.

Penny Cote PortraitPenellope Cote

Penellope Cote, Bachelors of Arts in Humanities from Southern New Hampshire University, M.A. in 20th Century International History from Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, England. Currently Penny is studying for her Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology at Walden University. Having served on the board of Home Schoolers of Maine, she helped many get started in homeschooling and choosing curriculums, while actively advocating for homeschooling issues in the state legislative process.

Jane Boswell PortraitJane Boswell

Jane Boswell has been a supervisory teacher and consultant with Royal Academy for over 20 years, and a leader in early childhood education since the 1970s. Mentored by homeschooling pioneers Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore, she began homeschooling her own children in 1982. Shortly after, she founded the Homeschool Support Network and began publishing the newspaper, Home Educator’s Family Times – first in hard copy and now with a national and international online circulation.