Homeschool Education Consultation Services

Homeschool Education Consultation Services

Royal Academy Education, Inc. is not just a school but also provides services and support to the homeschooling community.

We prepare Credit Recognition Transcripts and Program Designs.  See our fees page.

Learning for Life – Across the U.S.A. and Around the World

We are a full-time organization helping parents and families examine the wide range of choices available to educate their children at home. Our highly qualified staff of consultants has more than five decades of experience with homeschooling and other forms of education.

We understand the importance of team effort because we know that parental involvement in the education of their children is essential. Our staff provides guidance, encouragement, and resources to help the whole family achieve success in this venture. We do this by helping to develop an individually designed curriculum that can be in the form of natural schooling, unit studies and traditional and classical studies.

We network with many like-minded organizations and professionals in the areas of speech therapy, gifted education, education counseling and special needs education, offering our assistance wherever your family is located and working with your child on his or her level.

Services and Information

We are based in Maine and Vermont, but we work with families throughout the United States and around the world. Our caring staff has decades of combined experience in education and home education. We are available for you on-site, by telephone, by Skype and e-mail consultations, five days a week year ‘round. Whatever the educational needs, from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, we are qualified and we know how to help.

Services For All Interested in Homeschooling (regardless of State)

  1. Getting Started: To assure you a solid start, we assist you with the homeschool application process for your state and explain your responsibilities. In addition, we help you determine an appropriate support system.  This is about a 30-minute to one-hour process.
  2. Homeschool Program Design: This is for the parent and student who want help in customizing a program, selecting curriculum and setting up a plan for the year. The parent and student fill out our educational questionnaire, which is used to help identify strengths, previous curriculum choices, and student and parent goals. After reviewing the questionnaire and previous education records, we help you tailor a curriculum and organize a program that will fit your situation. The program design requires a meeting with the parent and student either in our offices or, if distance is a factor, a telephone, or Skype consultation can be arranged. This takes about 90 minutes.

Note: If additional time is required fees will be determined.  See our fees page.

  1. Consultation Meeting – Causes for meetings could include, but are not restricted to:
  2. a) Review of your child’s test results – either from our testing or results from a previous school experience
  3. b) To help you determine if homeschooling is the best choice
  4. c) Practical help and suggestions about teaching methods and finding resources
  5. d) A question and answer session if you are trying to decide whether to homeschool or enroll in Royal Academy Education
  6. e) Help with problems in your current homeschooling
  7. f) Relationship difficulties in the family
  8. g) College and career guidance.

Please note: This is NOT a Program Design.

  1. End-of-Year Assessments (Regardless of State)

Portfolio Assessment:

Homeschoolers in many other states choose to have us conduct the portfolio review as the annual assessment of their child’s academic progress. Because this may be a new type of assessment for you, the following list is given to help you prepare a well-organized and complete portfolio to bring to your appointment (either by telephone or at our office).

A written summary of the year for each homeschooled child must be presented. If you combined studies or completed unit studies with more than one child, a combined summary can be written. Make two copies of your report: one for us to keep and one for your records. Please include the following information.

Portfolio Report Contents

  1. Child’s complete name, birth date, address, grade, and school year
  2. Attendance for your school year:
    1. ____________  date school began
    2. ____________ date school ended
    3. ____________ number of days of school
  3. Description of each course, including a copy of the table of contents of each main textbook. These courses include your state’s required courses as well as your student’s creative courses and ‘electives’. It is necessary to include a scope and sequence for each course (topics and the order in which they were covered).
  4. List all special projects your child completed. Your child may want to show us a special project via photos or actual reports. We look forward to seeing this creativity and encourage you to add them.
  5. List field trips taken throughout the year (site name and place).
  6. Summarize areas of growth you have observed in your child over the course of the year. Note special moments where you saw “lights go on”.
  7. An extensive sample of your child’s work in each subject from the beginning, middle, and end of the year must be mailed or brought to the meeting.  This is essential for us to see.
  8. Relax and enjoy this special time as you will see how much was truly accomplished as you reflect.
  9. We enjoy talking with you and your child about the year. To schedule an appointment for a phone consultation or in-office meeting, please call our office at the above phone number.

Rules vary from state to state and may be more extensive than the above basic requirements for Annual Evaluations. It would be helpful if you provide the law regarding portfolio reviews for your state.

Many states feel that the portfolio review is worthwhile for parents and children as they see their progress. It is an effective and comfortable process that allows us to view and discuss your child’s work with you in a friendly environment while meeting your state requirement for academic assessment. Detailed information regarding developing the portfolio and what to bring is provided in our other States Annual Portfolio Assessment information sheet. Mailed portfolios cannot be returned unless correct return postage is included.

  1. High School Transcript Preparation for Homeschool Students (Regardless of State)

We can provide Credit Recognition Transcript for Homeschool Students through Royal Academy Education for homeschooled students at the high school level. It is especially helpful when transferring into a secondary school or for college entrance.

Homeschool parents still award a diploma to their students. However, colleges require a high school transcript that clearly outlines and explains all courses, grades and their explanation, and credits the student has completed. The Royal Academy Education Credit Recognition Transcript verifies to the receiving institution that coursework has been completed and credits have been earned.

All coursework completed through the homeschool is compared to Royal Academy Education standards in order to determine credit. For more than ten years, high schools, colleges, and universities have been accepting Royal Academy Education Credit Recognition Transcripts.

Questions that frequently arise about the Royal Academy Education Credit Recognition Transcript for Homeschooling Students:

What is a high school transcript?

The high school transcript is a written record of the high school student’s educational program for grades 9 – 12. Important information such as the student’s complete name, address, telephone number, and parent(s) name. Each school year and course names, grades, and assigned credits are listed. The total credits for each subject area are listed along with the grade point average and the specific graduation date.

Does my student need a transcript?

Because colleges and other institutions of higher learning require a transcript, it is necessary. Colleges prefer a high school transcript that clearly outlines and explains all courses, grades and their explanation, and credits the student has completed. Every high school graduate should have this written record so, should it ever be needed, it is already compiled and ready for use. It is easier to keep records through the high school years rather than to have to recollect courses, grades, and credits after high school has ended.

Who grants a homeschooled student a high school diploma?

If a student is homeschooled, the parent provides the diploma.  If the student wants to receive a diploma from a public or private school, the parent will need to contact the high school to find out what steps are needed to enroll and receive their diploma. The high school will want to have a transcript presented at that time.

What is the Royal Academy Education Credit Recognition Transcript?

For more than ten years, high schools, colleges, and universities have been accepting the Royal Academy Education Credit Recognition Transcript. This service is provided for homeschooled students at the high school level. They have found it to be especially helpful when transferring into a secondary school or for college entrance.  The Royal Academy Education Credit Recognition Transcript verifies to the receiving institution that appropriate coursework has been completed and credits have been earned. Coursework completed through the homeschool is compared to Royal Academy Education standards in order to determine credit.

How does the Royal Academy Education Credit Recognition Transcript compare to other high school transcripts?

All important data, courses, grades, and credits, are provided as well as PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, and ACT test scores. Equally important, we add a list of student interests, achievements, and other information, which in effect introduces the student to the school or employer. This personal touch is appreciated because it speaks on behalf of the student. For those students who are accomplished in specific fields such as sports or music, an addendum can also be compiled which lists awards, professional presentations, organization memberships, and travel to further substantiate readiness for college.

How do I receive a Royal Academy Education Credit Recognition?

When a complete packet as outlined in the Royal Academy Education C.R.T. Information sheet is submitted, with the correct fee.  Please note that in cases where information is lacking or unclear, a consultation fee will apply.  It is highly recommended to have a consultation before finalizing the transcript.  Enrollment in a private school is not necessary to have a professionally designed transcript. Your student has worked hard to achieve goals in an excellent educational program and deserves a transcript that accurately represents those accomplishments.

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