Getting Started

Getting Started in the World of Parent Involved Education

We at Royal Academy Education and Home Education and Family Services can help you to begin the whole process of find an alternative way to educate your child/children.  We can even help you to complement your child’s educational experience if he or she is in public school or is already receiving private schooling at another institution.  We work closely with these partners in order to ensure that your child gets what he or she needs.

Getting started at Royal Academy Education, Inc. or in homeschooling can be intimidating. Let us ease your mind with suggestions of books to read, people to talk to, counseling one on one or on other media, or just plain fielding numerous questions that you may have.  We wish to provide you with all of the pros and cons and ways in which you can enrich your children’s lives and create a home environment that is dynamic and exciting as you incorporate learning into every part of life.  Call us at 802-875-2890 or 207-657-2800 to schedule an appointment to help you and your family to get started on this great adventure of learning.


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