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Personalized Internet-Based Education

Distance Learning with Personal Presence

State-of-the-art technology and advancements in the internet allow Royal Academy Education to provide the Personal Presence Classroom.  Virtual Schooling. This only requires that students have access to the Internet via a tablet, desktop computer, laptop computer or a cell phone.  Distance learning can take place anywhere in the world where there is a dependable connection to the Internet.

Live Classroom Instruction at Home

The teaching and distance learning that takes place in our classrooms is live and personal with the teacher and student(s) able to interact as the lessons are being taught, be it in the comfort of our “homelike classroom” or in the comfort of the student’s home. The only required time in front of the computer is during the class time with the instructor or collaborating with fellow students on assigned projects. Interaction between students and the instructors will be live and in present time.  Classes will meet 1-3 times per week for approximately 1-3 hours depending on the subject. Daily assignments will need to be accomplished when not in session, and attendance will have to be reported to the instructor. Work will be turned in via email or Google Docs. Students will often give presentations to the class or lead discussions.

Classes Offered

Distance learning classes will be offered each year, semester OR summer, depending on the need of the student and the type of class offered.  We will aim to have all types of classes that are requested on a timely basis, based on availability of instructors.  OUR COURSES ARE TAUGHT AS LONG AS THERE IS AT LEAST ONE STUDENT AND NO MORE THAN EIGHT PER CLASS.

Feel free to request a meeting to determine what is being offered and what can be offered on a private tutoring basis also.

Some of the classes currently offered at $1200 (less than $35/week for the entire course) for a year-long course with grading per student are:* (This does not include credit – see below)

  • College Prep Biology
  • College Prep Chemistry
  • College Prep Physics
  • College Prep Algebra I, II
  • College Prep Geometry
  • College Prep Pre-Calculus
  • College Prep Ancient World History
  • College Prep World History 200-1600 AD
  • College Prep Modern World History
  • College Prep US History and Government
  • College Prep English I, II, III, IV with composition and writing skills
  • AP Human Geography, World History, Comparative Politics, American Politics, US
  • Government and World Geography
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • SAT Prep

Some classes to be offered on an as-needed basis are:

  • Music Theory
  • Foreign Languages (prices may vary depending on instructor)
  • Accounting
  • Business Management 101
  • Computer course

Your requests for classes will be considered, and we will attempt to find an available tutor.

Tuition Discounts for Full Time Students

There is a price break if you are enrolled in Royal Academy Education as a full-time student. The courses are $1200 (this is less than $35/week for full tutoring of a course). Books, supplies and computer equipment are not included are not included in the prices.

We offer a total K-8 Virtual classes for $2500/student.* This will be specified classes and assignments given similar to the high school students, only the time frame will depend on the age of the student.  Please call for information.

Attendance to classes is required, but if missed can be made up with the instructor – up to three per year.  After that, there will be an additional charge at $75/hour for needed instruction.  At the beginning of the course, the instructor will go over the meeting times. Planned or potential absences should be discussed at this time if you know them.

*Prices do not include enrollment in Royal Academy Education or materials needed for the class. Enrollment can be done by single course or full tuition.  They are also subject to change without notice.