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This members’ only calendar is for you to share events with other Royal Academy Education or homeschool members.  Please know that we will review each of the items you post and get back to you if they need to be altered in any way.  We do retain the right to delete anything we find not encouraging to the homeschooling community. [Read Event Information…]

Please let people know if you can provide a service to other homeschoolers, any events that you are planning, needs that you are looking to be filled, or you wish to start a support group and need us to help facilitate this.  We can provide the space for a parent group to meet. Don’t homeschool alone.  Community is important and gives you as a parent a place to get answers and ideas.  Students can also take advantage of finding like-minded friends to learn and grow with.   Let this Royal Academy Education, Inc. community be just another place for you to gain support in the most important mission or educating your children.

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