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Royal Academy Available Courses

English Grade Teacher Term
American Literature Honors Shirley 2 Semesters
English and Writing 9-12 College prep Shirley/Julie 2 Semesters
English /History/Science 5-10 Julie 2 Semesters
English /History/ Philosophy 10-12 Honors Penny 2 Semesters
LOTR Lord of the Rings Themed English /History/ Philosophy 7-9 Rachel/Penny 2 Semesters
Writing Grade Teacher Term
The Mechanics of Writing a Research Paper 7-12 Julie 1 Semester
Introductory Writing Workshop 7-12 Julie ¼ Term Workshop
History & Government Grade Teacher Term
US History Honors 10-12 Shirley 2 Semesters
US Government 10-12 Shirley 1 Semester
US History/Government 9-12 Julie 2 Semesters
World History Literature 9-12 Julie 2 Semesters
Latin Grade Teacher Term
Latin I, II, & III 9-12 Haley 2 Semesters
Mandarin Chinese Grade Teacher Term
Mandarin Chinese I & II 7-12 Rachel 2 Semesters
French  Grade Teacher Term
Conversational French

Spanish  I and II 

2 Semesters


Math Grade Teacher Term
General Math K-12 Julie/Shirley 2 Semesters
Algebra I & II 7-12 Penny 2 Semesters
Pre Calculus 10-12 Penny 2 Semesters
Geometry 8-12 Penny 2 Semesters
Sciences Grade Teacher Term
Physics with Lab… Prerequisites: Trigonometry 11-12 Penny 2 Semesters
Chemistry with Lab…Prerequisites: Algebra I 9-12 Penny 2 Semesters
Biology with Lab   A broad introductory overview of biological science.   Also Ecology:         11 and 12th graders. 9-12 Steve 2 Semesters
Human Growth Grade Teacher Term
Human Growth & Development 9-12 Shirley 2 Semesters
Terrorism Studies Grade Teacher Term
International Terrorism –  Introduction to terrorism; what it is, its history and implications for today 11-12 Rachel 2 Semesters
Business Grade Teacher Term
The Entrepreneur –  Start your own business by learning the principles of business math and finance, develop a business and marketing plan

Photography  7-12     Two Semesters

11-12 and Adults Dan 1 Semester
Career Studies 9-10 Dan or Shirley 1 Semester
Study Skills Grade Teacher Term
Study Skills & Time Management A preparation for post High School Success


Also:  AP Human Geography or can be taken as Honors    Grade 11 or 12      Two semesters

9 -12 Rachel ¼ Term Workshop

**** All Courses Available to Adults as well****

****Tutoring & Additional Courses Available Upon Request****