It’s interesting that the news is now all over this with young people who are now labeled the generation Ver’s …but I have been seeing this over and over every year with students who attend  Royal Academy Education for a chance to heal and continue their schooling.  I have been so concerned that I focused my last MA degree on this subject and speak to many counselors and teachers about it. Kids are having more and more trouble coping with the world around them.  In my studies, I looked across the planet and it is not any different in Japan than it is in the US.  There are numerous reasons…and who knows which is the number one cause.  The news puts it to cell phones and social media. In the past it has been computer gaming or possibly helicopter parents.  Perceived or real pressure from all around them to succeed, get in best schools, etc. students are melting down.  Well the best schools bubble has just been broken with the school bribery FBI case. This also puts a number one focus on SAT scores as those scores are based on how students do in age and grade levels.  So, if people are cheating, your child’s score is impacted also and of course it would be for the worse.  

What are solutions? Talk to your kids.  Tell them about your problems and issues as a child and even what you face today.  Tell stories. Play games.  Don’t appear to be perfect and don’t expect them to be perfect. If they need time off from pressures at school, Royal Academy Education can help with that.  We can tailor the school year to work with doctor appointments, hospital admissions and also work with anxiety as they try to learn.  We are sensitive to these needs.  We work hard to mentor and help right where these kids are at.  We can slack off and when they are ready,together, we can push hard to meet and achieve personal goals.  

Give us a call today to set up a consultation.  We work with students and parents together, all over the world as we are accredited with  Our number is 207-657-2880 or 2800.  

Penellope Cote, MA International History, MS Ed Psychology

Royal Academy Education