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Homeschool Achievement Testing Services at Royal Academy Education

Homeschool Achievement testing is used as a way to measure the development level of skills or knowledge. Such tests are standardized to determine the grade level of learning achieved through planned instruction.

Often seen as a threat, achievement testing is just one assessment tool that helps determine direction in a student’s education. Testing is administered one-on-one with a specially trained member of our staff working with your student. Achievement tests, diagnostic academic area testing, special needs testing, and individualized assessments are available. Career preparation evaluations are all possible for students and adults.

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Personalized Results

Nationally normed individual standardized achievement tests are given one day and written results are prepared in house by our staff. It is recommended that the parents return to the office to go over the results with Shirley M.R. Minster, M.S. Ed., because of the personalized approach to the discussion. Areas that are covered are observations made during the testing appointment, possible curriculum choices and decisions, and other topics of concern to the parents.

Achievement Testing On Site at Your Location

Testing in the home may be arranged in special circumstances. Homeschool groups contract with us when they want us to travel to their state to do individual standardized testing, consultations, and workshops. Call for more information.

Fees: (See our fees page.)