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Often seen as a threat, achievement testing is one assessment tool that helps determine direction in a student’s education. Testing is administered one-on-one with a specially trained member of our staff working with your student. Achievement tests, diagnostic academic area testing, special needs testing, and individualized assessments are available. Career preparation evaluations are all possible for students and adults.

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Nationally normed individual standardized achievement tests are given one day and written results are prepared ‘in house’. It is recommended that the parents return to the office to go over the results with Shirley M.R. Minster, M.S. Ed., because of the personalized approach to the discussion. Areas that are covered are observations made during the testing appointment, possible curriculum choices and decisions, and other topics of concern to the parents.

Testing in the home may be arranged in special circumstances. Homeschool groups contract with us when they want us to travel to their state to do individual standardized testing, consultations, and workshops. Call for more information

Fees: (See our fees page.)

North Carolina Consulting and Testing Services


Shirley Minster, M. S. Ed. has been providing academic testing services for homeschooled students. She will be in two locations to administer achievement tests and to work with parents and students who have questions about curriculum, special needs, high school issues, and college preparation.

There are options for achievement tests that can be given: Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement – lII, Peabody Individual Achievement Test, Revised, Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Educational Achievement – III, or Diagnostic Achievement Battery-2. Results can be mailed to your home within the week of testing, or you can meet with Shirley to discuss test results and educational recommendations.


Royal Academy Education’s CEEB code is  (200408) that allows our students to take The College Board and American College Testing exams: PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP, CLEP, and ACT. The high school code number is used to register for an SAT or ACT test as well as to send SAT and ACT score reports to colleges and scholarship programs.

We also provide AP courses as well as counseling for students ready to begin the college hunting process.  SAT and ACT Prep can also be provided priced as a normal course in our fees page.

Not only do we provide help with college hunting, but also we can aid in helping students to set up a business and help them with marketing it and themselves.  This would be priced individually.